**Southeast Electronic Recycling is proud to support the needs of businesses throughout the Eastern United States. At this time we do not offer support for residential services or recycling for appliances.**

                 Southeast Electronic Recycling

Southeast Electronics Recycling, LLC (SEER) is a leading-edge computer and electronics recycling firm located just outside beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Our other services include demanufacturing, asset recovery, certified data destruction of sensitive media, and transportation services for the materials we handle.

We serve clients throughout the eastern United States. Southeast Electronic Recycling is a responsible recycler and strictly adheres to all standards that were developed by experts in the industry, governments, recyclers, environmentalists, refurbishers, and non-profit organizations under the direction of the Environmental Protection Agency. Southeast Electronic Recycling, LLC is committed to excellence and continual improvement in every aspect of our electronics recovery and recycling operations.

Our goals are to:
•Protect the earth first and foremost, as it is our home
•Reduce solid waste, thereby reducing our carbon footprint
•Reuse and recover equipment where possible
•Protect your company’s privacy and secure data needs
•Recover lost money on end of life equipment
•Comply with applicable legal standards and other requirements 

​Electronic equipment is an increasing concern and our country’s fastest growing waste product. These materials represent four to six percent of our nation’s municipal solid waste disposal. Many states have passed legislation effectively banning electronic items from municipal solid waste landfills. In all that we do at SEER, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental excellence.

No electronics are taken to landfills. We comply with all environmental regulations, and your used computers and other equipment become raw materials in the manufacture of new products. If your organization is seeking an economical and environmentally sound outlet for disposal of these assets, please contact us. ​We are here to help!