Standard Operating Procedures

SEER uses clearly defined processes to guarantee that all hard drives are completely overwritten, and that no hard drive is skipped during the process. SEER's audited processes provide you peace of mind, accountability and assurance that your company's privacy and corporate reputation remain intact when managing your IT assets. When you choose to work with SEER, you can be certain your data is safe. We apply the industry's top standards and practices in sanitizing your IT equipment. We guarantee our compliance in accordance with the standards of the US National Institute for Standards and Technology. To learn more, please visit

Asset Tracking

Upon receipt of electronic waste, all hard drives are removed from all devices to include computers (both desktop and laptop), printers, plotters, networking devices, data storage devices and all other electronic devices that may be used to store digital media. All hard drives, mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, tablets and any other electronics are inventoried by manufacturer, model and serial number. All equipment that is used for digital media or data storage is kept in a secured, locked holding facility until it is ready to be destroyed.

Proof of Data Destruction

Certificates of Data Destruction are provided for all media received. SEER guarantees your data against all forms of compromise.

*Extensive background checks are done on all new employees and IT security protocols are in place to protect client assets. 

**Southeast Electronic Recycling is proud to support the needs of businesses throughout the Eastern United States. At this time we do not offer support for residential services or recycling for appliances.**

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