Rick Pellegrino co-owns and co-founded Southeast Electronic Recycling. A graduate of the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Electrical Science and Engineering. He has watched the inception and evolution of technology and the management of e-waste as the Southeastern economy continues to grow. His commitment to excellence helped Southeast Electronic Recycling become a pioneer of our industry.

Rick Pellegrino     Owner | Founder | COO

Angela Niquette is the co-owner and co-founder of Southeast Electronic Recycling. She earned her degree in Computer and Network Administration from Champlain College in Burlington, VT. With this background in Information Technology, Angela recognizes the vital importance of a trusted relationship with her clients. Since its inception and through Angela's steadfast leadership and firm belief that the client comes first, Southeast Electronic Recycling is proud to partner with many businesses, government and military organizations around the globe in their efforts toward safe, compliant and eco-friendly recycling practices.

Moose                 Mascot 

                 Southeast Electronic Recycling

Lacey Hunt                  Marketing Director 

We are proud to have Lacey on our team as our Director of marketing, sales and social media. She hails from Ithaca College, with a major in Business Administration and concentrations in Marketing. Lacey also served in the United States Air Force, possessing a Top Secret security clearance for worldwide command, control, communications, and information support and asset reporting. As the initial point of contact for potential new clients, Lacey is the face of Southeast Electronic Recycling and is an integral part of our growing business.

Angela Niquette    Owner | Founder | CEO

**Southeast Electronic Recycling is proud to support the needs of businesses throughout the Eastern United States. At this time we do not offer support for residential services or recycling for appliances.**

Moose serves as our mascot for Southeast Electronic Recycling. He is larger than life with a South Carolina sized heart and knows what recycling is all about. He was a throw away dog that was rescued and given a second chance. He is a wonderful pet and will welcome you with enthusiasm if you ever happen to visit our facility.