**Southeast Electronic Recycling is proud to support the needs of businesses throughout the Eastern United States. At this time we do not offer support for residential services or recycling for appliances.**

Our guarded processing facilities are access controlled and monitored, ensuring maximum protection of your assets throughout the entire process from start to finish. They are also temperature-controlled to preserve any electronic equipment that may have the potential to be refurbished. We guarantee that all assets are securely stored until processing begins.

Upon arrival at the processing facilities, your assets are individually sorted, bar-coded and scanned into our electronic asset tracking system. This allows for identification and tracking by manufacturer name, model number and serial number. 

Once sorted, items containing sensitive data are scrubbed, overwritten, or otherwise emptied of all information and data before they are physically destroyed. 

Items to be recycled and reused are processed for reconditioning.

Items that have served their expected purpose or have reached the end of life stage are destroyed in accordance with all federal, state and industry-regulated standards.

                 Southeast Electronic Recycling