Southeast Electronic Recycling

As our world continues to grow, develop and progress, the introduction of newer, more efficient and faster equipment allows businesses to remain competitive. So what happens to the outdated equipment? That’s where we come in. Hiring SEER’s experienced specialists for secure IT asset disposition and data destruction comes with the following valuable benefits to your business:

SEER offers clients the opportunity to witness the destruction of their hard drives upon request. Our staff are also prepared to go on-site to your business, load materials for transport to our facility, and perform the actual wiping or shredding. This chain of custody guarantees the highest levels of data security.

**Southeast Electronic Recycling is proud to support the needs of businesses throughout the Eastern United States. At this time we do not offer support for residential services or recycling for appliances.**

  • Security guarantee. As technology evolves, we are faced with new challenges in the form of information security and data protection. Electronically stored data can be an easy target for hackers looking to compromise privacy and steal personal or corporate information. At SEER, our experts are equipped to handle all levels of data security requirements. We guarantee the safeguarding of your digital data and 100% data destruction for all electronically stored information.

  • Compliance assurance. Today, virtually every organization from large to small is subject to some variation of industry-specific federal and state regulations governing the proper disposal of electronic equipment and the information it contains. Non-compliance with these standards can often result in harsh penalties. It becomes burdensome for businesses to be aware of each and every rule and regulation, and to stay current on the constant evolution of policies. SEER's industry professionals will help you choose the most suitable and secure method of data destruction that meets your business needs and industry-specific compliance and reporting requirements.

  • Environmental focus. To ensure the proper and environmentally sound disposal of electronics, governing agencies are imposing increasingly stringent requirements upon businesses. Many organizations are adopting greener practices to avoid costly fines and public relations nightmares. Further, our customers recognize that we all have a duty to protect and preserve our planet, focusing efforts on a greener today for a better tomorrow.  We are proud to offer our support to assist our clients in those efforts.

  • Business savings. Great potential exists for organizations to reclaim at least a portion of their equipment cost investment through tax breaks or by reconditioning used equipment for reuse or resale. SEER partners with a vast network of resources to resell reconditioned equipment, once again relieving your internal staff of such responsibilities. Imagine the economic benefit of recouping even pennies on each dollar spent on decommissioned IT equipment – the possibilities are endless! We also offer free pickup of equipment to our loyal customers.